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First Aid Kits - Assembled in NZ

Why choose Help-It first aid kits?

  • Quality - Help-It hand-pick the highest quality components for their first aid kits to ensure consistent quality.
  • Value - Help-It first aid kits are known for being some of the most comprehensive and well-stocked kits on the market in NZ. Where other manufacturers give you just the bare minimum, Help-It aims to provide the most first aid bang for your buck.
  • Assurance - The manufacturer is a Medsafe registered company. Where necessary, Help-It first aid kits exceed WorkSafe’s minimum requirements.
  • Diverse - Help-It first aid kits are designed with your varying situations in mind. Whether you are on your own or part of a group, at home, at work or on the road, Help-It has a first aid kit designed just for you.
  • Accessibility - Speed is of the essence when it comes to first aid. Help-It kits have multiple compartments to keep every item in its places so you can find things quickly and easily.
  • Convenience - Help-It also provides handy refill packs for most first aid kits in the range, taking the guesswork out of keeping your kit up to date. If you have any ideas for a kit specific to a customer’s industry, please contact us to put it together for you.


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